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Concept Proposal

Every warm and loving HOME starts with a ​heartwarming PROPOSAL. Meticulous planning, pleasant surprises, dreams and plenty of butterflies in our tummies... We are with you each and every step along the way.

We take time to listen to your STORY and blend it seamlessly into your new home. That is why our customized CONCEPT PROPOSAL will show you the magic we have in store for you.

Visit MyGallery to find out more!

Carpentry Craft

Our in-house carpentry factory - MyCarpentryTM - proudly spans over an amazing 10,000 sq feet production line with a sizable team of skilled craftsmen flaring the best of their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. We are one of the best in the field, and we know it.

Upon finalizing your materials selection, rest assured we will guide you through the tedious yet enjoyable process of carpentry measurement and fabrication.


Anticipate your new carpentry to be delivered and installed. Be impressed when we arrive at your doorstep within 1 to 3 weeks from the date of measurement. The adrenaline rush is almost too hard to bear!

Materials Selection

With an extensive LIBRARY showcasing slightly over 400 different types of materials and colours, home owners are often wildly excited, but definitely distracted.

It is our pleasure to show you the combinations that would BEST FIT your desired concept. We work closely with our sister arm - MyStudioTM - to ensure that all 3D visualizations, detailed drawings and even free-hand sketches mirror your end products as closely as possible. We aim to pair our ideas alongside your ownership without compromising DESIGN and QUALITY. 


You have the right to stay informed.

Chinese Metaphysics

Specializing in the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, especially PHYSIOGNOMY, or widely known as FENG SHUI, we explore the discussions of modern architecture its in metaphorical terms of ELEMENTS and NATURAL FORCES.

Feng Shui practices to create harmonious relationships in homes. It is no longer a traditional superstition, but an advanced study of how the design and environment impacts on our living and well-being.

In any design, it is important to remember the fundamentals behind the thought process and the understanding of why we design the way we do. So no matter how complex feng shui may be, we would always be there to help simplify and implement. No fuss.

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