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Get Your Dream Modern Design Home In 8 Weeks Finished With Quality Installations


Guaranteed With The Highest Standards Of Design, Quality And Services


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Hi There, This is Mystory Team

We are passionate and creative designers seeking to uncover stories and create chapters in the lives of people.


Discover how we can help you achieve your dream home without breaking the bank! Especially as a first time home owner, we understand your pain. It is always a wise decision to engage ID firms for your home renovation, not only there is value added service it also save you alot of time and hassle to manage your own renovation, comparing to hiring your own contractor which have no guaranteed on the quality of work or any post-renovation services, You might end up spending even more to rectify issue.


However, Engaging an ID come with its own Horror as well..


Exhorbitant Mark up


Most ID firms sublet all their work to a third party contractor thus resulting in exhorbitant mark up and due to this, quality control was also affected sometime. A well done work before might not be repeated. It go down to your luck on which sub-contractor was working on your project.


Inexperienced Designer


In this saturated industry today, any tom dick or harry can be your appointed interior designer or project manger. They just go through a theory base crash course and proceed to serve client and home owners. Hard selling and reccomend unnecessary thing for profit.

How do we know all these?


Throughout our journey as a carpenter, we realised that alot of IDs lack of technical expertise. They are unable to provide genuine solution and recommendation. Most often that not, Home owners end up paying even more for design which are not functional, practical nor durable. 

Just as much as we took our fabrication and work as passion and pride, the limitation of being a sub-contractor role doesnt allow us to exercise our expertise to help home owners. 

We started off in the carpentry business, working with alot of ID firms in singapore as their sub-contractor....


We Wanted to Provide More Value and Genuine Solution...


With a deep knowledge and carpentry background, we started our own interior design firm providing a one-stop renovation for Home Owners

We aim to stay sincere in all our project, offering cost efficient practical suggestions and not hard selling


Carpentry works play a big factor in the whole renovation. Not only it is the most expensive item in a renovation contract. The quality and work affect the overall finishing outcome of an entire project. 

With our in-house carpentry team working behind every project, we ensure the consistency of quality workmanship while not compromising on the quality and price. 


Our team of designer are all equip with years of experience in this industry. They follow a strict project management procedure to ensure all our client receive their dream home on time.

We are as excited as you do to deliver your dream home and we work round the clock to make sure it happen!


Mystory Team is perfected with years of experience in this industry, good quality of work with reasonable price and have a good reputation of handling project on time. This make us popular especially among first time home owner!


Our Portfolio


Orchid Park Condominium

_DSC9702-iloveimg-converted (1).jpg

HDB 5-Room Kang Ching Rd

2 (1).jpg
1 (8).jpg

HDB 5-Room Pasir Ris Drive 10


HDB BTO 4-Room Edgedale Plains

1-1- (1).jpg

HDB BTO 4-Room Ghim Mok Edge


HDB BTO 4-Room Oleander Breeze


Get Your Free Design Consultation Now


Comprehensive consultation worth $499


Mystory Interior Design Process


Lifetime - Warranty

Being part of ExcelHW preferred partner. Our home owners will be entitled a lifetime warranty on all hardware mechanism installed


High Quality Furnishing And Workmanship

Quality is one of our core values. We take extra care in selecting the best material and foreman for your project

3 (1).png

Experience designer and Innovative Design

Our team only consists of senior interior designer who have at least 5 years or more experience. Bringing more value and a hassle-free renovation experience for you 


Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed at least 15% or more cost saving compare to other ID firms due to our unique background

Why Mystory Interior


"impressed with his attentiveness and fast response....  Cost of reno is very reasonable as well."

"Very detailed explanation.... and completing the work accordingly to plan"

"WE ARE A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER! No regrets engaging them.."




Should I work with a contractor instead?


Engaging a direct contractor that do not provide design and project management come with a risk, not only the workmanship and warranty of work are not guaranteed. Having to engage too many contractor of your own for different work normally will end up very time consuming and might cost more to fix damaged materials and installation cause by other contractor. Unless you have the time to oversee everything and are very experience in home renovation work. We will not recommend that.


How is the billing handled?


Our payment vary depending on the project scale. But in general, our progressive payment will be starting from a 10% deposit -> 25% when renovation starte -> 25% upon completion of all mansory work ->  35% upon carpentry fitting confirmation -> 5% upon completion


Will there be any delays?


We work closely with our professional contractors and supplier and there will be a project manager in-charge for every project. To ensure there is strict supervision from start to finish.

Should I still engage you if I already have a design in mind?


A renovation project will only be successful and reliable if there is good project management.
At Mystory Interior, we make sure all our client have a smooth and seamless process. And beside that, our team of supplier and foreman that work on your project are selected over the years to bring you high quality and good workmanship.

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